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LiquiVive Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement

LiquiVive Collagen Liquid Protein Supplement


Item Form: Liquid

Flavor: Cherry

Product Benefits: Anti-Aging

Unit Count: 1 Bottle = 16 fl oz – 32 Day Supply


🇺🇸 Made in the U.S.A.

🏆 Quality Ingredients

💯 Satisfaction Guaranteed

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  • LIQUIVIVE COLLAGEN IS A MIRACLE WORKING, ANTI-AGING POWERHOUSE – We lose 1-2% of our collagen every year after age 30, which is when physical aging becomes noticeable. LiquiVive collagen is a unique, proprietary and essential anti-aging supplement that targets skin care problems and supports overall skin, hair and connective tissue function throughout the entire body. It also supports the reduction of body fat, while maintaining and building lean muscle tissue.
  • LIQUIVIVE IS VASTLY SUPERIOR AND FAR MORE ABSORBABLE THAN COMMONLY AVAILABLE COLLAGEN POWDER, PILLS & TABLETS AND IS MOST SIMILAR TO THE COLLAGEN IN YOUR OWN BODY – The problem with collagen powder, pills and tablets is they have to be broken down and digested, and your body only uses what’s left over. Our liquid collagen peptides have the highest absorption ratio possible, because it’s predigested and hydrolyzed in a unique and proprietary liquid blend with natural enzymes before bottling.
  • AMAZING ANTI-AGING BENEFITS FROM THE INSIDE-OUT. Builds and strengthens bone matrix. Collagen is the mechanical strength of bone, joints and the entire structure of your body. Repairs and builds connective tissue for improved elasticity, improves blood vessel quality to help improve circulation, and can help promote wound healing and a clearer complexion–all physiological attributes that break down as we age. It may also promote hair growth and stop hair loss by collagen replacement.
  • SUPER CONCENTRATED FORMULATION – LiquiVive is a highly concentrated protein supplement with complete aminos – 240,000mg of amino acid peptides per bottle. Add the concentration to dramatically higher absorption rate over pills, and you have a uniquely potent delivery system. LiquiVive contains over 90% pure hydrolyzed protein concentration, and is superior to whey, rice, milk, pea and hemp protein. Liquid delivery is perfect for people unable to swallow pills, or difficulty consuming solids.
  • BUILD AND REPAIR SKIN, HAIR AND NAILS FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Americans spend a fortune on anti-aging creams and serums with dubious results. Doesn’t it make more sense to internally replace the cause of your outward aging by collagen supplementation? Collagen protein is the actual raw material of your hair, skin and nails (among many other things), and it is only by replacing this natural loss inside your body where you will see real results wiping away aging markers.

LiquiVive® Liquid Collagen Protein is a remarkably and surprisingly effective age reverser. Replacing the collagen that you have lost as you age helps mother nature replace your old skin with a new skin cells. This has a unique effect on your youthful appearance because collagen is the connective tissue in your skin’s second layer that gives your skin its youthful plumpness, strength, and resistance to lines and wrinkles.

Be prepared to be shocked at the results of supplementing with this for a few months. This anti-aging, skin beautifying supplement is so effective in making skin look younger and more beautiful -and keeping it that way- that women (and men) everywhere have been stampeding to get it.

Think about it. How much anti-aging success are you going to have with a skin cream or elixir when the loss of collagen in your body is what’s causing the appearance of aging? We call this Inside Out beauty. You have to replace what you’ve lost on the inside before you see a benefit on the outside. If you have ever spent $50, $100 or in some cases, $300 for an external skin care product that didn’t work for you, you owe to yourself start replacing your body’s collagen stores for fraction of the cost and reverse the trend. And our LIQUID form collagen gives you the highest bodily absorption–up to 20X greater than collagen pills or tablets.

Reported benefits include healthier skin and nails, reversing hair loss and stimulating hair growth, better muscle and skin tone, wrinkle reduction, pain relief, healthier joints and more energy. Liquid collagen replacement may also benefit knee pain, lower back pain, jaw pain and joint and muscle pain if the pain is caused by collagen loss. Try LiquiVive Liquid Collagen protein peptides and start building back the collagen you’ve lost. It is 100% guaranteed to give you results, or return it within 30-days for your money back!

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